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Who We Are

From our Farm to your Home

​My husband and I have started an Autism-friendly family farm/homestead.

Special needs parents need to start preparing and planning their child’s future as soon as possible. All parents worry about their child’s future and how they can prepare their child for the day they will be on their own. For parents of a child with special needs, the concern is much greater. Who will take care of my child? Will he be able to care for himself? Could we help him learn to care for himself? Will he be happy? Will he lead a productive life?  Our son, Ayden, is the center of our whole; we waited 11 years for this miracle baby. He was recently diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); he is almost entirely non-verbal.  It has been a fantastic journey. Our new goal is to start a farm and for Ayden to have the best opportunity to succeed in life.

Little Fire Farm

Ayden means “Little Fire.” We not only want to start the farm for him but are naming it after him as well.

Why a Farm?

The therapeutic benefits of life and work on a farm have been studied and documented for years. Along with its safer, quieter environment and many opportunities for exercise, a farm gives individuals with Autism a chance to do meaningful, purposeful work, which creates a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, farm work can easily be tailored to an individual’s interests and abilities. Our farm was founded for our 'little fire' he helps at every opportunity that he gets.

There are many reasons why farms and homesteads are becoming popular options for special needs families, including:

  •  The lifestyle is slower-paced and more relaxing, making it easier for individuals with special needs to adapt to their surroundings.

  • On a farm or homestead, there are several vocational activities and skills that individuals can learn.

  •  A farm can offer a perfect opportunity to create a sustainable business for individuals with special needs by selling their produce in the local markets, raising animals, create items and becoming a member of the local agricultural community.

Take a look at our site and get in touch with questions or concerns.

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What We are All About

Handmade with love and our Customers in Mind!

Handcrafted from our Farm to your Home.

We are starting out with handcrafted soaps, and an online-only store.

The boys are currently planting, and looking forward to the loofahs (we plan to add them to custom soaps). 

We will expand our production of natural products, such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bars. As we grow as a business and farm, we will keep updating our website and expanding our products! We want to grow this business and lifestyle for our son! He has a blast helping in every way that he can. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram  to check out how much the "little fire" helps out around the farm.

Our dream is to be here to support the local agricultural community while giving our son the best opportunity to succeed in life. Long Live Local Agriculture!

The Mission of Little Fire Farm is to create an environmentally sustainable agricultural community of choice in Gainesville, FL, where our child on the autism spectrum can live a dignified and meaningful life with family support.

Vision Statement: The tranquil agricultural setting will provide a well-structured residence with safety, cohesiveness, and serenity. The goal of Little Fire Farm is to offer a safe and structured home and a place for children with Autism to enjoy farm life. Little Fire Farm will create the perfect opportunity for a sustainable business for our child to grow and succeed.

At Little Fire Farm LLC, we guarantee that every single purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish. We want you to have an easy online shopping experience. 

If any issues arise, please reach out to me, I am available to help you. Utilize the chat feature or text the business number,

Thank you for supporting our dream!

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